Russian Game Is Over

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, March 29, 2022
Russian Game Is Over

The Abu Dhabi "Mubadala" Foundation stops investing in Russia

Bloomberg has reported that due to Russia's war against Ukraine, the Mubadala sovereign wealth fund will not make future investments in the aggressor country. In its message, the agency refers to the CEO of Mubadala Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak.

"Obviously, in these circumstances, we must suspend investment in this market in Russia. There is no doubt that this crisis must end now for the benefit of the whole world," Al Mubarak said at an investment conference in Dubai.

According to Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak, Russia accounts for less than 1% of the fund's total portfolio of $243 billion.

According to the Mubadala website, the fund's investment portfolio in Russia includes almost 50 projects.

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