Russian Migrants and Tourists Attack Ukrainians in Europe

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, May 11, 2022
Russian Migrants and Tourists Attack Ukrainians in Europe

Ukrainians were brutally attacked in Germany, Spain, and Denmark

Ukrainians who left the country at the beginning of the war or lived abroad for a long time attract the public to the war in Ukraine. People go to rallies and tell foreign acquaintances about the events that Ukrainians have to experience. But it seems that the genetic code of the Russians is built into the struggle with the truth.

So the blatant crime against the Ukrainian people and freedom of speech was completely on May 9 in Germany. Ukrainian journalist Nataliia Moseichuk and the crew of Ukrainian TV channel 1+1 arrived in Berlin to shoot the plot. During the reporting, a team of journalists recorded violations of German laws. It should be noted that Germany has adopted a law prohibiting actions in support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, symbols "Z", "V", George ribbon, and flags of the unrecognized republics, the USSR, and Russia. Germany also banned the demonstration of the flag of Ukraine during the Day of remembrance and reconciliation (May 8).

Recording violations on the camera did not like the Russian people, who went to the rally on the day of victory. So a group of people attacked the Ukrainian journalist Nataliia Moseichuk. So a group of people attacked the Ukrainian journalist. Russians insulted the journalist and all Ukrainians.

"You all need to be cut out. Bored," they said.

Some participants in the attack tried to physically harm Ukrainian women. German police were near but could not cope with the crowd of fierce Russians.

Later, the Berlin police opened an administrative case, and the government is extremely unhappy with the behavior of the Russians.

Similar cases have been reported in Denmark and Italy. In Madrid, during the action of the Deathless Ukrainian girl came out with the Ukrainian flag and a poster "Why do you kill us". Russians reacted extremely negatively. Russians first hit a Ukrainian woman with a poster on the head, and then began to push the woman and tear off her flag. In Denmark, a group of Russians began to insult and drive Ukrainians from the city square.

All these actions show that Russia attacked Ukraine not because of Putin but because of every Russian.

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