Russian Missile Strike. Vinnytsia 07/14/2022

The Russians fired rockets at the city center again. Among the dead is a 4-year-old child
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At 10:50 a.m., Russia again purposefully fired rockets at a gathering of Ukrainian civilians. The missile hit the center of Vinnytsia.

Russia made a strike with 4 missiles. 1 was shotted down by the air defence, and the rest struck the city center and killed the Ukrainians.

12 people died from the impact. Among them is a 4-year-old child. Dozens of wounded.

Look closer. The baby was alive an hour ago. And now he is dead because of Russia. He was killed.

Photo of a baby stroller in which the child was killed by a Russian rocket.
Volodymyr Zelenskyy:

"Vinnytsia. Rocket strikes in the city center. There are wounded and dead, among them a small child. Every day, Russia destroys the civilian population, kills Ukrainian children, directs rockets at civilian objects. Where there is nothing military. What is this, if not an open act of terrorism? Inhumans A killer country. A terrorist country."

Deputy head of the office of president Kyrylo Tymoshenko.

"Previously, 3 Russian rockets were aimed at a building with office premises. The Officers' House and nearby residential buildings were also damaged by the blows. The National Police was informed. A fire broke out at the landing site, and the fire spread to the parking lot. About 50 cars are burning there now. Rescuers are working to extinguish the fire."

25 passenger cars burned down.
Rescue and medical services are at the scene of the tragedy.
Rescuers and ordinary Ukrainians carry the deads.
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