Russian Occupiers: Kill Now or Later

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, April 12, 2022
Russian Occupiers: Kill Now or Later

The Russian military is using a prohibited slow-acting weapon

Kharkiv suffers from the first day of the war. Bombs and cruise missiles are regularly dropped on the city. The occupiers are also shelling a once beautiful, truly European city with long-range ground fire.

But the Russian military never managed to capture the Ukrainian city. Perhaps that is why the Russian side is moving to more vile attacks. The occupiers use new types of bombardment. The aggressor drops bombs on parachutes. Such weapons do not explode immediately, which is dangerous for ordinary residents.

Note that such missiles on parachutes have already been seen in Kyiv. On March 18, explosive weapons slowly descending from the sky were recorded for the first time.

The city mayor has called for no approach to such weapons and immediately call for special services.

Such munitions are small and weigh about 1.5 kg. They also have a plastic body. People find such bombs in the courtyards of residential buildings and on the streets of Kharkiv. The occupiers laid mines in different areas. This was reported on April 11 on a Telegram channel of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Federation does not resemble war. More and more actions are like the extermination of a nation regardless of gender and age.

Thus, Russia has already violated many rules of warfare and taken away from the civilian population the right to life, freedom of speech, medical care, and much more. Yet the perpetrators still go unpunished.

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