Russian Resources Are Running Out

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, January 29, 2023
Russian Resources Are Running Out

On January 27, the EU Council decided to extend sanctions against Russia

The EU Council continues the restrictive measures until July 31, 2023. This means that some sectors of the Russian economy will continue to decline. The reason for imposing sanctions is the unjustified aggression of the Kremlin against Kyiv.

Sanctions against Russia have been introduced since 2014. the EU has expanded the list of sanctions after the onset of full-scale military attacks by the aggressor on all regions of Ukraine. In February 2022, Russian banks were first disconnected from SWIFT and imposed restrictions on the RF's influential persons. The EU Council also imposed restrictions on imports of oil, finance, technology, industry, and dual-use goods. Because of this, Russian businessmen lost millions of dollars. But this is not the end of the fall of the "remnants of the Russian empire" because the sanctions have been extended again.

Let us also recall that the anti-Russian sanctions allow European countries to freeze Russians' assets and real estate. It has also recently become known that the new package of sanctions for the war against Ukraine will affect Russia and Belarus.

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