Russian Soldiers Broke a 70-Year-Old Lady’s Spine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, June 26, 2022
Russian Soldiers Broke a 70-Year-Old Lady’s Spine

Occupation forces beat up an old volunteer and journalist on roadblocks for refusing to give her passport

Occupied Kherson has become a place of silence, but great pain, which is rarely heard because the Russians deprived the residents of communication. But those who managed to get out tell terrible things about Russian soldiers.

One such survivor was an honored journalist of Ukraine and a volunteer of Tetiana Antoniuk. A 70-year-old woman at that age had to flee her home. Tatiana wanted to leave occupied Kherson at the request of her husband, who protects Ukraine. The journalist left together with her neighbors. They were stopped by Russian soldiers at the checkpoint. Soldiers took jewelry, phones, and documents from elderly people. As Antoniuk knows his rights and is a patriot of Ukraine, she refused to give her passport to the Russian invaders. Young soldiers of the armed forces of the Russian Federation became angry and began to beat a 70-year-old woman. Ukrainian barely managed to hide in the car and leave with neighbors.

"By an evacuation train in serious condition, she reached Lviv, where she was hospitalized at St. Luke's Hospital. The examination showed a fractured spine and severe head injuries. The woman was partially deaf and could not move without help. For Tatiana Antoniuk to go, our neurosurgeons had to make complicated vertebroplasty, in other words - inject into the broken section a special bone cement," the First medical association of Lviv reported.

The woman has been in hospital for over a month. But she is ready to return to volunteer work.

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