Russian “Unplug” by the Geneva Convention

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, August 12, 2022
Russian “Unplug” by the Geneva Convention

Russian army bombarded with thermobaric bombs the village in the Donetsk region 

The Russian occupiers continue their offensive in the Donetsk region. The Russian army uses the tactic of "scorched earth" as the quality of warfare is significantly inferior to the Ukrainian military. It should be noted that the early foreign partners of Ukraine noted the good abilities of the Ukrainian soldiers. International training of Ukrainian servicemen is also underway at the initiative of Britain.

The Russian side does not even deny the fact of the use of prohibited weapons in the war in Ukraine. According to them, they use thermobaric weapons in the war against Ukraine, namely heavy-duty flamethrower systems. British intelligence notes that such weapons have a devastating effect. Moreover, these thermobaric weapons are not illegal at the world level.

However, Russians use it not for the first time. The last use of flamethrower is registered in the Donetsk region, the village of Pesky.

"The occupiers are striking Pesky with thermoplastic shells TOS-1A Solntsepyok, banned by the Geneva Convention," the Ukrainian side reported.

The village is almost completely destroyed. The Russian army shells all the houses and even capture it on video. In one of the videos, the Russian army took off a volley of 15 missiles to multi-storey houses. Russia reported that there were positions of the Ukrainian armed forces in the Sands. The Ukrainian side denies this statement.

But, whatever the truth, is international humanitarian law no longer working?

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