Russians Filmed How They Cut Off the Head of Ukrainian Soldier for 1:40 Min

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, April 12, 2023
Russians Filmed How They Cut Off the Head of Ukrainian Soldier for 1:40 Min

"Break his spine! You have never cut a head?!"

The internet revealed a 1:40-minute video, where Russian soldiers cut the head of living Ukrainian soldier with a knife. All the last seconds of his life, the prisoner screams of pain. At the same time, the documented material clearly shows that it was Ukrainian defender — chevrons and insignia.

Vladyslav Pozdniakov, head of the Russian extremist movement of Men’s state, published the video on his Telegram channel. He was considered a source by some as he had already released the video to the public on 11 March. After Pozdnyakov said that the video was posted online long before it got to the Telegram channel.

The video footage of the brutal murder of the man confirms that the armed forces of the Russian Federation did this deliberately – one gave the order, the other cut off the head of a living Ukrainian soldier. After the execution, the occupiers even decided what to do with the victim.

"In the sack f*ck it, this one's head. And send it to the commander," / "Go on, brothers!" / "Break his spine! You have never cut a head?!" you can hear behind the scenes. There word shows, that these people execute Ukrainians not for the first time. 

The Ukrainian OSINT community DeepState began an investigation. It is now known that the dead soldier may have disappeared between May and August 2022.

A few hours later, CNN stated that this was not the first time that Russian troops reflected the head of Ukrainians. CNN reported that there were at least two other executions of Ukrainian prisoners. Members of the private military company Wagner are believed to have committed the horrific murders of beheading and amputated arms. Supposedly, Russian mercenaries could have committed the crime on April 8.

"It looks like these videos were shot during various events. One of them may have been taken only recently, while the other – judging by the number of leaves on the ground – seems to have been taken in the summer," writes CNN.

Recall that the early Russian invaders cut off with a stationery knife the genitals of a captured Ukrainian soldier.

"All this is beyond. Humanity. Understanding. Perception. Forgiveness. Remember that these monsters grew up and became inhumans under the fairy tales and books of "Russian classics"," wrote the adviser of the city head Mariupol Petro Andriushchenko.

There is no need to go far to find examples. A few years ago in Russia, there was a documentary series about a wealthy landowner from the 18th century who brutally killed 183 people. The adaptation of the life of the murderer Daria Saltykova by the nickname Ogress in colors tells about all executions and abuses.

The bloody Russian rich woman was not punished. But Ukraine will do everything to ensure that those guilty of modern executions are punished. The Ukrainian security service has already begun an investigation into the video of Russian soldiers cutting off the head of a defender of free Ukraine with a knife.

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