Russians Kill. Animals Save

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 26, 2022
Russians Kill. Animals Save

The dog from Ternopil received an international certificate for searching for wounded

Ukrainian rescuers are among the first to go to the places of shelling and Russian missiles. They expose their lives to all kinds of danger: put out fires, disarm munitions, pull people out of the rubble. Therefore, sometimes they do not have enough time to find a person under the rubble of houses and save him. Therefore, for this purpose, in Ukraine, work canine. Their wards can quickly find the victim, thereby gaining time to save her.

Recently in, Ukraine appeared to be the only dog with international accreditation to search for people. A dog breed shepherd named Fiona was raised and trained in Ternopil. Fiona and her canine instructors, Kateryna Kuzyk and Taras Zhuk, recently returned from Portugal. Their four-paws rescuer was on a training exercise to learn an effective method of finding people in an emergency. It is noted that Fiona is trained never to harm a person she finds. Its main task is to find and mark the place and bring rescuers to it.

It is also reported that the dog from Ternopil differed abroad and earlier.

"Fiona participated in the international certification held at the state emergency service canine training centre in Romny, Ukraine. She placed first in her class. There were two stages — a test of obedience and agility and a search task either in an open territory or in the rubble. Fiona was successful in all this. She, if I may say so, specializes in finding people in trouble in open territory. So this is artificial debris in urban areas, forests, fields, mountain terrain," says her coach.

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