Russians Killed 6-Year-Old Girl in Mariupol

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, March 2, 2022
Russians Killed 6-Year-Old Girl in Mariupol

On February 27, as a result of the shelling of a sea city in the Donetsk region, a little girl was shooted by Russian nazis

An ambulance brought a girl in critical condition, accompanied by her wounded father and mother. All the way to the ambulance Ukrainian doctors desperately tried to resuscitate a little brunette in pajama pants with unicorns. In the emergency room of the hospital, 6 doctors set about saving the life of the child, but the girl could not be saved. She died without regaining consciousness.

"Show it to Putin! The eyes of this child and crying doctors!" shouted the doctor resuscitating the girl.

What you see on the cover of this article, is not just a picture from the internet — is exactly the dead girl about whom we wrote this article. The girl who was killed for nothing on Putin's orders. Killed for nothing on Putin's orders. In the ward was an Associated Press journalist who witnessed the abuse of Ukriana's children.

The parents of the deceased girl, with broken hearts, could not say goodbye to their child. And they are not the only ones: in the 6 days of the war that Russia staged in Ukraine, the Russians took the lives of 16 children. Another 45 children in critical condition were saved by Ukrainian doctors. 

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