Russians Killed at Least 22.000 Ukrainians in Mariupol

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 23, 2022
Russians Killed at Least 22.000 Ukrainians in Mariupol

Due to the absence of insulin in the city to suffering from diabetes, Ukrainians have been amputated legs

90% of critical infrastructure burned. 50% burned to the ground. The mayor of the city, Vadym Boychenko, held a briefing on the morning of June 22, where he said that the Russians were preparing in advance for the destruction of Mariupol and did it methodically.

"In a week, they destroyed 15 objects that provided the city's life. 50% of the city was completely burned, 1.056 buildings were burned to ashes. The citizens were not let to leave the city. Russia killed more than 22 thousand Mariupol residents, this is a very cautious figure. These are very approximate data," Vadym Boychenko.

Today, the city is closed due to infrastructure damage, and the city is on the verge of a cholera epidemic. More than 100.000 Ukrainians are locked in the ghetto without drinking water and electricity.

"We are on the verge of a difficult epidemiological situation. The garbage collection system does not work in the city. Forced and spontaneous burials, which were superficial, are added to this. All this mixture is moving towards rivers and seas, wells. Doctors are already saying there will be an outbreak in the city cholera," Boychenko.

People were forced to melt snow to quench their thirst, and people have to drink salt water from the sea, the occupying gang is forcing Ukrainians to sort out the rubble of houses destroyed by Russian missiles for drinking water. The occupiers do not give humanitarian aid, people die of hunger, thirst, and disease. Morgues are now located in the former premises of Mariupol shops.

"Now the occupiers are not even clearing the rubble. They simply wipe the streets, which are already broken, from the face of the Earth. They take out the buildings, along with the dead, to the dump," the mayor of Mariupol.

The city's hospitals have been destroyed, people are dying of disease. Boychenko said that there is no insulin in the city, so doctors amputated the legs of those with diabetes. Every day 3-4 people become disabled.

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