Russians Staged a Teract Against 1.000 Ukrainians

Russia fired “Х-22” missiles at a shopping center in the city of Kremenchuk. There were over 1000 people in the store
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On June 27, Russia staged a terrorist attack against civilians in Ukraine

The Amstor shopping center (or, as the lying Russian media write, a "military facility") was shot by Russian Tu-22 M3 and Tu-22 M3 bombers with Х-22 missiles. There were more than 1.000 people in the mall who had just come to the store to buy groceries for dinner.

The fire area is 10.300 m²
  • Part of the shopping center exploded, the roof with an area of ​​5.000 , along with multi-ton metal frames, collapsed on people, the store is on fire;
  • 11 dead people and 59 wounded were pulled out from under the rubble. The fate of the rest is still unknown. Work to put out the fire and search for people continues. The data is not final.
115 people and 20 units of equipment of the State emergency service were involved in extinguishing the fire, rescuing the people and clearing the rubble

A fire train from Ukrzaliznytsia is heading to the place of the fire.

"Rescuers are trying to get survivors from under the rubble of the collapsed roof of the shopping center. Intensive work is underway to save children, women, and the elderly. Those who just came to buy food and fell under the hellish execution of the war criminal Putin," adviser to the minister of defense Anton Gerashchenko reports from the scene.

The US ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink said that Russia will be responsible for the terror in Ukraine. In particular this terrorist attack.

According to the command of the Air Force of Ukraine, the missiles were fired from the Kursk region of Russia.

There were about 330 children in the shopping mall

Their fate is unknown. The rescue service continues to retrieve the bodies.

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