Scholz Calls Not to Be Afraid of Putin’s Games 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Scholz Calls Not to Be Afraid of Putin’s Games 

German chancellor, during a speech to the European Parliament, called for increased efforts in the field of defence assistance to Ukraine

Olaf Scholz has stated the need to accelerate the production of ammunition at factories and to accelerate the supply of arms to Ukraine to fight the Russian military aggressor. His appeal concerns the recent decision to provide Ukraine with a €1 billion military aid package. All EU members have approved this assistance. Scholz, therefore, proposed coordinating all countries' actions and transporting the declared weapons and ammunition to the front line.

In addition, another equally important appeal was made by the German chancellor. He said that Europe should not fear Putin's threats and demonstrations of his power. Scholz was referring to the parade that the president of the Russian Federation held in Moscow in honour of Victory Day in World War II.

"2.200 km North-East of here today, Putin demonstrates his soldiers, tanks, and missiles. We should not be frightened by such power games," Olaf Scholz addressed the European Parliament.

On May 9, an armed parade was held in the country's capital, which has become synonymous with modern terrorism. For 45 minutes, the Kremlin demonstrated on Red square Soviet tanks T-34 and T-85, missile systems Yars, S-400, and Iskander-M – the weapons that Russian soldiers daily use to kill civilians in Ukraine.

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