Second Peace Summit in Saudi Arabia Discussed — Zelensky

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Second Peace Summit in Saudi Arabia Discussed — Zelensky

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced discussions on holding the second Global Peace Summit in Saudi Arabia

This was revealed during a press conference following the Bürgenstock Peace Summit.

Strengthening Relations with Saudi Arabia

"We have very strong relations with Saudi Arabia and His Royal Highness," Zelensky stated. "Two or three days before this summit, I had a meeting with His Royal Highness, where we talked about the possibility of the next summit. We had a great meeting in Jeddah at the level of national security advisers to national leaders before this summit. That is why, of course, we raised the issue of the next meetings, perhaps the next summit."

Global Support and Calls for Justice

Other leaders at the Bürgenstock Peace Summit also expressed their support for Ukraine and emphasized the need for urgent measures to protect civilians and uphold international law.

President of Kosovo, Vyosa Osmani: "I was also deported from home, hiding from the aggressor's shelling in the mountains, holding a small radio in my hand, listening with many other children while leaders like you debated whether to come to our aid or not. Later I became a refugee, but you still came. Your countries did not turn a blind eye to our suffering," Osmani recounted, drawing parallels to the current plight of Ukrainian children. "The children of Ukraine deserve the same chance."

President of Chile, Gabriel Borich: "Children everywhere must be protected. We cannot allow any country to select or abduct children, as Russia is currently doing with Ukrainian children. Civilians should not suffer. We need urgent action to protect their rights because they cannot wait," Borich emphasized.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: "Canada will always stand for a just and lasting peace, based on fundamental legal principles, which are based on the interests of Ukrainians," Trudeau affirmed.

President of Slovenia, Natasha Pirc Musar: "If Russia stops fighting, then the war will stop, and if Ukraine stops fighting, then the end of Ukraine will come. But this will also be the end of the rule of law," Musar emphasized Slovenia's commitment to actively contributing to the peace process.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda: "It is impossible to achieve a just peace without bringing the aggressor to justice. This should be done on the basis of the UN charter, and in order to do this, we seek to create a special international tribunal. I call on the participants of the summit to join this tribunal," Nauseda urged.

Summit Outcomes and Future Steps

The summit, held on June 15-16 at the Swiss resort of Bürgenstock, focused on nuclear security, food security, and humanitarian issues such as the exchange of prisoners and the return of abducted Ukrainian children. A communiqué supporting Ukraine's territorial integrity and adhering to the UN Charter was adopted, open for signature by any state respecting these principles. The results of the summit will be communicated to Russia.

As discussions continue for future peace summits, the international community's support for Ukraine remains steadfast, with a strong emphasis on upholding international law and ensuring justice.

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