Several More International Import Quotas for Ukraine

Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Several More International Import Quotas for Ukraine

The European сommission to extend steel import quotas for 3 years on 26 categories of steel products, which expired June 30, 2021. Also, Thailand to extend for 5 years duties on imports of hot-rolled products

The volume of imported products that are subject to quotas will remain unchanged. Also, the EU intends to maintain an annual increase in the volume of quotas by 3%.

At the same time the decision on partial extension of quotas on imports of steel products adopted by the United Kingdom. In this country, restrictions will remain on 10 categories of steel products for a period of three years.

Compared with the preliminary decision of the British trade department (TRID), announced in late May, the final list includes two changes. For large-diameter welded pipes used in wind turbines and pipelines, in particular, the quota will be retained, although it was previously planned to be abolished, and restrictions on imports of stainless steel wire rods, on the contrary, are removed.

Also, the ministry of foreign trade of Thailand for five years extension of anti-dumping duties on imports of some hot-rolled steel from 14 countries, including Ukraine.

The amount of protective measures is 30.45-67.69%.

Recall that last year Thailand abolished duties on imports of some types of unalloyed hot-rolled flat products from all countries, including Ukraine (in coils and sheets). The Thai authorities noted a significant decrease in imports of steel products.

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