Shelling of the Kyiv and Region

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, March 28, 2022
Shelling of the Kyiv and Region

11 adults and one child were injured during enemy shelling of the Fastovsky district in the Kyiv region

On March 27, a prolonged enemy attack was carried out on the city of Fastov near Kyiv. 12 Ukrainians were killed under the rubble and from weapons.

According to a departmental body, the Russians used heavy artillery on residential buildings and against civilians.

On the night of March 27-28, the enemy also shelled Kyiv itself, in particular, residential buildings and districts. Some houses were left without electricity. The night was difficult, but the Ukrainians survived. There are no victims.

“The enemy is trying to make a corridor for himself around Kyiv and block transport routes. To repel the attacks, ground, airborne troops, and terrorist defense are involved, it is very difficult for the enemy. But we must be honest: the enemy is trying to capture Kyiv, because capturing Kyiv is essentially a captured Ukraine, and this is their goal," Anna Malyar, deputy minister of defense.

It is known that weapons similar to phosphorus bombs were used that night. The information is being specified.

EU high representative for foreign affairs and security policy Josep Borrell said the European Union "seeks to form a dedicated army to meet common challenges." It was also announced that European countries will be able to refuse gas supplies from Russia within two years.

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