Shelling of Western Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, March 28, 2022
Shelling of Western Ukraine

On the night of March 27-28, a series of shelling and explosions were heard in the city of Lutsk

According to the mayor of the city, Igor Polishchuk, the mayor of the city, the target of the Russian air raid was an oil depot located on the territory of the city. The oil depot, unfortunately, was blown up. Information regarding the victims and injured is not yet available.

According to the chairman of the Volyn regional military administration Yuri Pohuliaiko, airstrikes were carried out from the territory of Belarus.

"Now rescuers are working at the site of the missile attack. According to preliminary data, there is no information about the victims," ​​the official said.

We remind you that during the previous week, airstrikes were carried out on oil depots in other cities of Ukraine. In some cities, airstrikes to the same point were carried out several times.

On 27 of march, Russia fired a record number of 70 missiles at Ukraine, worth $340 million. On the other hand, Ukrainian air defenses set their own record for shooting down Russian missiles, thanks to which only 8 missiles reached us.

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