Signature or Bullet in the Forehead

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, September 24, 2022
Signature or Bullet in the Forehead

On September 23, in the occupied territories of Ukraine, Russians began to hold referendums. What is known

On September 20, Russia received information about holding referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine. On September 21, Putin, in an address to the people, along with "partial mobilization", announced that elections would be held in the "territories liberated from Ukraine". Therefore, on September 23, puppets and collaborators of the Kremlin in the occupied parts of the Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson regions, and Melitopol confirmed the beginning of a referendum on joining the Russian Federation.

By the evening of the first day of the referendum, surveillance video of residents had appeared. All of them registered several election commission employees accompanied by the Russian military with weapons. The surveillance tapes show that residents of the occupied cities do not open the commission's doors.

At the same time, Russian propaganda TV channels are active in Ukrainian territories. They're allegedly filming from polling stations that people come to. One lucky journalist even managed to film the voting moment of a wounded local citizen. At the same time, the man supposedly rejoices at the holding of the referendum and does not worry about the wound.

Head of the regional military administration Serhii Haidai said that the occupiers are also using the referendum to issue Russian passports. At the same time, the military with loaded weapons predominate at polling stations and is accompanied by a commission that walks on the dreams of people's residences. What choice does a man make at gunpoint?!

At the same time, the world community is concerned. White House spokesperson Karin Jean-Pierre said that they know the approximate results of the referendum. She stressed that the results will be falsified. Russians do not consider the figures below 75%.

"We know the results of these pseudo referendums will be manipulative. We have information confirming that the representatives of the Russian authorities have already established what should be the voter turnout, as well as the results of the voting," the speaker said.

Erdogan also expressed his position on the referendums. He said that Turkey does not recognize the results of the elections and Ukrainian territories within Russia.

The "referendum" is planned to be held before September 27. In his last speech, we also recall that Putin said he is ready to apply any decision-making if the Ukrainian army goes into his territory. Does the dictator, by annexing the occupied parts of Ukraine to Russia, want to declare a general mobilization in the country because of his failure?

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