Significant Growth in Freight Transportation at Ukraine’s Polish Border

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, May 9, 2024
Significant Growth in Freight Transportation at Ukraine’s Polish Border

Freight transportation volumes on Ukraine’s border with Poland have seen a dramatic increase in early May, tripling in comparison to April figures

In the first six days of May alone, the volume of road freight transportation reached 19,134 tons, marking a near threefold rise from April's 7,400 tons.

According to Spike Brokers, this increase is part of a broader uptick in road freight transportation across all Ukrainian borders, with daily averages climbing to 13,538 tons from 12,420 tons in April. Notably, sugar and sunflower oil have been the most transported commodities, with volumes reaching 14,679 tons and 12,322 tons, respectively.

Conversely, rail exports at land borders have seen a decline. The daily average number of wagons transferring across the western borders in May dropped to only 255, the lowest rate this season, with a particularly sharp decrease of 46% at the Romanian border.

Additionally, daily wagon loads at the ports of Greater Odessa have decreased, particularly for grain cars, which saw a reduction of 1,195 wagons compared to the previous week. This downturn has also impacted water transport, with freight rates falling by $1-3 per ton across all directions due to a lack of cargo, although rates for transporting handysize vessels remain unchanged.

This growth in road freight at the Polish border and the fluctuating freight rates highlight significant shifts in Ukraine's logistics landscape, emphasizing the dynamic nature of trade and transportation in the region.

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