Silent Wind Turbine by a Ukrainian Startup

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 14, 2022
Silent Wind Turbine by a Ukrainian Startup

Ukrainian startup "Sirocco Energy" is preparing an industrial ven of its silent wind generator

The creators of the startup decided that the world needed quiet industrial technology. It will be particularly relevant for urban and suburban uses. The main task of the wind generator will be to perform its function without creating discomfort for the local inhabitants.

"When I was working on the production of traditional wind turbines, I saw their key shortcomings – vibration, high load, the complexity of manufacturing, low efficiency at the turbulent wind. Several years of development have resulted – we have managed to create a fundamentally different technology, devoid of the above-mentioned shortcomings: we have managed to achieve a high coefficient of transformation of the energy of wind stream — 0.52 at the fact that the theoretical maximum is 0.59," said technical director of the project Pryimak Oleksandr.

The wind generator from Sirocco Energy is silent, it can be installed even on roofs of multi-story buildings. The generator's power is up to 30 kW, width – 5 m, height – 14 m. Besides, let's not forget that the Ukrainian project aims to obtain "green" energy. The wind generator thus brings Ukraine closer to one of its direct targets in the present time. For now, "green" energy in the country's energy balance reaches 10%. And the more such projects in the country, the faster the environmental aspect and European integration of Ukraine are allowed.

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