“Slava Ukraini” — the Life in 2 Words 

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, March 8, 2023
“Slava Ukraini” — the Life in 2 Words 

"Glory to Ukraine" headed the top hashtag on "Twitter" after the new crime of the Russian occupiers

In less than 24 hours, the hashtag with the last words of the defender of Ukraine, who was shot by the Russian invaders, came out in the most popular inscriptions on Twitter

From 6 to 7 March, there were more than thousands of tweets with the words "Slava Ukraini" or "Glory to Ukraine". Infographics show that only 80.000 microblogs have joined the campaign. Also, celebrities and opinion leaders joined the action, which calls the world to pay attention to all new crimes of Russia in Ukraine. For example, on 7 March, famous designer Frank Wilde posted a photo with these sacred words. The designer himself put on clothes in the style of the military, and also took a military badge and the flag of Ukraine. Wilde holds in his mouth a cigarette. Cigarette smoke is the last thing that a shot Ukrainian prisoner of war felt before death.

Important to know: the Ukrainian hero who was shot by the Russians for saying "Glory to Ukraine" has been identified. His name is Oleksandr Matsiyevsky. As part of the 30-1 mechanized brigade, he defended Bakhmut. On February 3, he was kidnapped by the invaders. Unfortunately, Timofii will never get on the exchange list and will not see his family.

The name of the fallen soldier is also known. The general staff of the Ukrainian armed forces reported that a prisoner shot by Russian soldiers served in 30 separate mechanized brigades named after Konstantin Ostrozky. The hero who before his death said "Glory to Ukraine" is Oleksandr Matsiyevsky. Since March 3, he was considered missing. Ukrainian defended the territory near Bakhmut.

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