Slovak “Nafta International” Buys Transcarpathian Gas Field

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Slovak “Nafta International” Buys Transcarpathian Gas Field

The company will become the sole owner of the license, but the amount of the transaction has not been disclosed

As indicated in the message of the Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine, Nafta International B.V. (Schiphol, the Netherlands) received permission to acquire shares in CNG Holdings Netherlands B.V. (Amsterdam, Netherlands), which exceeds 50% of the votes in the company's supreme governing body.

Nafta also emphasized that it will now become the sole owner of the About the BV CNG Holdings. 

Main about CNG Holdings

CNG Holdings Netherlands B. V. is 100% owned by CNG LLC (Uzhgorodsky district, Volkovo village) — the owner of a special permit for the industrial development of the Uzhgorod gas area.

Nafta noted that it has been cooperating with Cub Energy to explore the Uzhgorod area since 2016.

The Uzhgorod license covers an area of ​​about 300 sq. km, is a continuation of the already explored territory in the east of Slovakia and repeats some characteristics of discovered deposits in Slovakia.

About Nafta International B.V.

Nafta International B.V. is a subsidiary of the Slovak company NAFTA, which develops and operates underground gas storage facilities.

Cub Energy (headquartered in Houston, has an office in Kyiv) ranks among the five largest private oil and gas operators in Ukraine. The largest shareholder of Cub Energy was businessman Mikhailo Afendikov.

Let us remind you that in 2016 the Slovak oil and gas company Nafta International B.V. bought Cub Energy Inc. from the American company for €1.5 million 50% of the shares of CNG Holdings Netherlands B.V., which owns 100% in CNG LLC — the owner of the industrial development license

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