Slovakia Ready to Transfer MiG-29 to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 23, 2022
Slovakia Ready to Transfer MiG-29 to Ukraine

The condition for the transfer of aircraft to Ukraine is the protection of the airspace by the Czech Republic and Poland

On June 21, Slovakia again raised the issue of transferring the MiG-29 to the military front of Ukraine. According to Business Insider, Slovakia's fighter jets could be transferred to Ukraine, not on the terms exchange for more modern weapons but, first of all, for the protection of the skies over Slovakia by the allied forces of Poland and the Czech Republic.

We remind you that earlier, Germany blocked the transfer of Slovak T-72s to Ukraine in exchange for Leopard 2A4. However, after that, Scholz visited Bucha, and perhaps, the states will return to the issue of transferring tanks.

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