Slovakia Sends All Its “Fulcrum” Jets to Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, March 2, 2023
Slovakia Sends All Its “Fulcrum” Jets to Ukraine

The Slovak government wants to transfer 10 fighter planes to the Ukrainian Armed Forces 

Minister of defence of Slovakia Yaroslav Nadya said that the aircraft for the air battle MiGs (Fulcrum – NATO designation) can be transferred to Ukraine in the near future. Slovakia plans to give 10 out of 11 aircraft for the protection of the Ukrainians. These are all fighters that the country has in service. However, Fulcrum is no longer planned to be used by the Slovak armed forces. The ministry notes that the country is updating its armament to NATO standards, so the aircraft were frozen in the summer. But 1 model is wanted to leave for museum storage. The rest will go to Ukraine "to save as many lives as possible". 

"We will never use MiGs again. They have no real value to us. If we give them to Ukraine, they will help save their lives," explained Jaroslav Nadi.

It is also added that these aircraft were requested by Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Brussels.

If Bratislava makes a final decision on the transfer of combat aircraft to Ukraine, it will be the first NATO country to transfer aircraft for the Ukrainian confrontation with the aggressor. This issue will be resolved before the end of March. The government of Slovakia to consider the transfer of MiG together with anti-aircraft missile systems, helicopters, thousands of missiles for multiple-launch systems Grad, and several dozen armoured vehicles.

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