Slovenia Provides Crucial Military Aid to Ukraine Amid Conflict

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, June 14, 2024
Slovenia Provides Crucial Military Aid to Ukraine Amid Conflict

Slovenia has discreetly supplied Ukraine with a significant military aid package, including armored vehicles, drones, and infantry fighting vehicles, in response to the urgent need for arms and ammunition

This assistance came at a critical time when the US Senate was delaying a decision on providing substantial financial aid to Kyiv.

Military Equipment Delivered

The aid package from Slovenia included:

  • 26 Armored Fighting Vehicles (ARVs)
  • Three Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs)
  • New Batch of Drones

Additionally, the shipment comprised:

  • Slovenian M-55S Tanks
  • BVP M80A Amphibious Armored Vehicles
  • Humvees
  • Zastava M55 Anti-Aircraft Guns

These pieces of equipment are equipped with modern armor systems and advanced drones, which are crucial for Ukraine's defense efforts.

Additional Support During the Russian Offensive

Amid the heightened Russian offensive, Slovenia augmented its initial support with:

  • 20 Combat Armed Drones (12.7 mm caliber)
  • Six Combat Armed Drones (3x20 mm caliber)
  • Three Additional Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs)

This was in addition to the 35 drones previously delivered.

Humanitarian and Financial Aid

Slovenia has also provided significant humanitarian and financial aid to Ukraine, including:

  • Assault Rifles
  • Ammunition
  • Helmets

Furthermore, Slovenia joined the Czech Republic's initiative for joint purchases of large-caliber ammunition outside the European Union, allocating one million euros for this purpose.

Armored Combat Vehicle (BOV)

The BOV, manufactured by Maribor Automobile Plant and Yugoimport SDPR, is designed for use by police units and for crowd control. It is versatile, suitable for all weather conditions, and can navigate both paved roads and rough terrain. The vehicle is equipped with a machine gun for self-defense and additional nets for crowd control, making it almost eight meters wide when fully deployed.

Previous Contributions

Last April, Slovenia agreed to transfer a batch of 20 Valuk armored personnel carriers to Ukraine. The transfer, which lasted several months, was conducted with utmost secrecy, assisted by an unnamed third country.

Demining Assistance

Slovenia has also contributed to demining efforts in Ukraine, allocating 1.5 million euros for these needs. This financial aid was provided as non-repayable assistance, reflecting Slovenia's commitment to supporting Ukraine.


Slovenia's prompt and substantial military and humanitarian aid has been critical for Ukraine's defense and recovery efforts amid the ongoing conflict. This support underscores the solidarity and commitment of European nations to assist Ukraine in its time of need.

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