Slovenia Recognised Holodomor as Genocide of Ukrainian Nation

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Slovenia Recognised Holodomor as Genocide of Ukrainian Nation

On 23 May, the Slovenian parliament adopted a resolution calling the artificial famine of 1932-1933 the genocide of the Ukrainians 

67 parliamentarians voted to adopt the document, and only 8 were against the decision. Politicians overwhelmingly condemned Kremlin's actions in 1932-33. They called the famine an artificial act that caused the deaths of millions of Ukrainians. The document also notes that such a historical event has left an imprint on the foundations of Ukrainian society. Slovenia also condemned the continued distortion of historical facts related to the Holodomor. Politicians added that they are outraged by Russia's attempts to violate Ukrainian deals and steal grain from a neighbouring country in our time.

Representatives of Ukraine have already thanked Slavia for the adoption of the resolution. The head of the presidential office noted that this is an important decision. Zelenskyy also reacted to the vote of parliamentary groups of the allied country.

"The international coalition of states committed to the restoration of historical justice continues to strengthen. Together with the truth, and therefore the responsibility," the president of Ukraine wrote on Twitter.

Since 2006, Ukraine has officially called Holodomor a deliberate extermination of people on the territory of Ukraine. The crime of the Stalinist regime had several theories and evidence. The world began to consider the great tragedy as a crime only in 2022. In 2022, 23 countries recognised excess mortality due to food shortages in 1932-33 as a deliberate act of genocide of the Ukrainian people. In 2023, the countries restored the historical truth, which was closed by Moscow's ruler and propaganda for many years. This year, in addition to Slovenia, several other countries recognised the Holodomor as genocide:  France, Belgium, Bulgaria.

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