“Smartphone Court” came into force

Wednesday, May 26, 2021
“Smartphone Court” came into force

The Act provides for the phased implementation of the Unified court information and telecommunication system (UCITS)

In connection with the adoption of the court's subsystem "Electronic court", which establishes the digital and remote circulation of documents and electronic communications from citizens to the courts, the Act of Ukraine begins the gradual introduction of the UCITS.

With the entry into force of the UCITS, it is possible to take part in the proceedings without being in the courtroom. The Act regulates videoconferencing, the use of personal devices and electronic signatures. The Act also defines the distribution of court cases, the procedure for publication on the portal of the Ukrainian judicial authority, and the features of the digital publication of court decisions within the framework of the UCITS.

The Act amends the Code of Economic Procedure, the Code of Administrative Procedure, the Code of Civil Procedure and the Act "On the Supreme Council of Justice".

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