SMM: What is Worth Posting on Social Networks to Promote Brands

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, December 22, 2021
SMM: What is Worth Posting on Social Networks to Promote Brands

In January 2021, 25.7 million Ukrainians used social networks

SMM is full-fledged marketing, not just promotion through various social platforms. Maintaining social media accounts is part of a marketing and communication strategy.

The most popular social media platforms in 2021:

  • YouTube 25.7 million users;
  • Facebook 16 million;
  • Instagram 14 million;
  • Facebook Messenger 10 million;
  • LinkedIn 3.2 million.

SMM goals

Social media marketing can help you achieve many goals — it all depends on your strategy. Here are the most popular social media tasks for businesses:

  • Sale of goods and services;
  • Search for potential clients;
  • Work with customer loyalty;
  • Increase in website traffic;
  • Expanding the target audience;
  • Collecting reviews;
  • Work with negative reviews;
  • Tracking trends;
  • Increasing brand awareness;
  • Research of customer demand.

The tasks of an SMM specialist include:

  • Developing a brand strategy in social networks;
  • Creation of publications - write texts, find or take a photo or graphics, or delegate it to other specialists, but make the publication yourself;
  • Replies to user comments under brand publications;
  • Constant analysis of page statistics, checking and possible changes in the adopted strategy;
  • Analysis of social networks of competitors.

Ukrainian SMM agencies most often offer a choice of three service packages:

  • Basic — from $500;
  • Medium — from $750;
  • Advanced — from $1000.

The cost determines the amount of work and the number of hours spent registering an account, publishing posts, and promoting an account.

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