Infographics: Solar power plant Solar ecoinvest

Monday, February 15, 2021
Infographics: Solar power plant Solar ecoinvest

Solar power plant "Solar ecoinvest" in infographics. Electricity facility "Solar Ecoinvest" received a license from NKREKP for the production of electricity.


  1. Nearby objects
  2. History
  3. Location
  4. Property rights
  5. Special purpose
  6. Environmental and sanitary standards
  7. The main indicators of the SPP
  8. Connections
  9. Goods
  10. Business attractiveness
  11. Documents


  • Address: Ukraine, Kyiv region, smt. Makarov, st. Pervomayska 72
  • Price: 1 200 000 €

Nearby objects

  1. Kiev - 58 km
  2. Gas station - 1.4 km
  3. Post office - 2 km
  4. Building supermarket - 3 km
  5. Poultry farm - 800 m
  6. Grocery store - 2 km
  7. Bank - 1 km
  8. River Zdvizh - 1.8 km
  9. Forest - 650 m


Electricity facility "Solar Ecoinvest" received a license from NKREKP for the production of electricity

On 23.08.2019, according to the resolution of NKREKP No. 1765 of Solar Ekoinvest LLC, a "green" tariff was established until 2030.

Cadastral number 3222715101: 01: 095: 007


The facility is located in the center of the village.

Exit to the main road of the village and the nearest objects, as poultry farm, forest and grocery store.

Distance to Kiev - 58 km.

Property rights

The solar ground station with a capacity of 1,182.15 kW belongs to Solar Ekoinvest LLC.

Land lease agreement for a period of 49 years.

The photo was done in 2019 year.

Special purpose

Object type: commercial real estate.

The purpose of the land plot is electric power activity.

Environmental and sanitary standards

Green energy facility.

In accordance with the territory type it can only be used for non-industrial purposes, construction of residential and non-residential premises, electricity generation.

The main indicators of the SPP

Electricity production - 1 349 thousand kWh / year

Power by inverters 999 kW

Power by modules 1182, 15 kW

Tariff € 0.15 per 1 kWh + VAT

EBITDA - 250 thousand euros / year (plan)


The station is connected to the existing 10 kv network of 110/35/10 kv "Makarov" substation.

Gas and water supply are absent.


Panels Bifacial Longi Solar LR6 - 72BP 355 W (double-sided) - 3330 pcs.

Double-sided solar modules store energy from the sun on both sides, thereby increasing the output.

UV resistant.


Fronius International ECO 27.0 -3-S

Made in Austria

37 units


0,4 / 10 kV with a power of 1250 kVA

Administrative building

Technical room for round-the-clock video surveillance of the site.

Other stuff

  • Automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Warehouse for storage of panels and equipment
  • Fence
  • Cable products made in Germany
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel structures

Business attractiveness

A "green tariff" is assigned to SES - special financial conditions under which the state undertakes to buy electricity produced from renewable energy sources from private households and enterprises at a special tariff.

The validity period of the green tariff is fixed by law until 2030. In accordance with the new legislation, green stations built later operate at a different tariff.

Today the "green tariff" is 15 eurocents per 1 kWh, excluding VAT for surface solar power plants.

The return on investment in a solar power plant is 18-20% per annum.

Business payback - 6 years.


Land lease agreement

Land plot for placement, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and structures of power generating enterprises, institutions and organizations, as well as maintenance and repair of engineering, transport, energy infrastructure.

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