Soon the Only Consumer of Ru Oil Will Be Russia Itself

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, December 12, 2022
Soon the Only Consumer of Ru Oil Will Be Russia Itself

12 EU countries stated the need to limit the Russian Federation’s financial profit from natural gas imports

Bloomberg reports that on the eve of the meeting of the EU energy ministers, which will be held on December 13, several countries made an important statement. The 12 member states believe that the value of Russian gas, as well as oil, should have a price ceiling that would limit the financial flow to the aggressor. Among the countries that called for lower prices of imported natural gas are: Italy, Greece, Belgium, Poland, etc.

According to the agency, the EU members earlier set the cost of buying a service from the Russian Federation at €275 per MW/h. However, the chairman of an international organization, the Czech Republic, considers that at this price, there is a big gap between the value of the external and domestic EU market —  €58. Therefore, the Czech Republic has offered to consider reducing the cost of gas from Russia to €220 per MW/h. This will reduce the gap to €35. But 12 countries have said that this natural gas price ceiling is also not an option for the future and have proposed to lower the cost of imported fuel yet.

Earlier, the European Commission presented the EU countries with a proposal to set a ceiling on crude oil prices from Russia. In terms of sanctions for the aggressor, the European Commission is proposing to pay no more than $60 per barrel of oil.

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