South Korea Joins Assistance to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 9, 2022
South Korea Joins Assistance to Ukraine

Korea transferred 100 automobiles to the Ukrainian military

The Republic of Korea stated that humanitarian aid had been transferred to Ukraine. As part of the assistance to the country suffering from Russian aggression, 100 pickups and excavators were transferred. Pickup trucks can be useful on the front line to get through complex areas. The excavators can be used both for the needs of the Ukrainian armed forces on the line of battle and throughout the country to eliminate the consequences of missile strikes.

The Ssang Yong Musso pickups have been spotted at the port of Incheon. New vehicles built based on an SUV, can have a full or rear drive. Which truck model is heading for Ukraine is still unknown. Also, mini-excavators from the humanitarian aid package will arrive in Ukraine. South Korea transferred 5 Doosan Dx17z building cars. They can be used for cleaning areas with work of small volume.

The embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Korea confirmed the information from Seoul media and thanked the East Asian country for its support in the struggle.

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