Spain Contributes €75.000 to ICC Work in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 24, 2023
Spain Contributes €75.000 to ICC Work in Ukraine

On March 24, the Minister of justice of Spain announced her contribution to the investigation of the international criminal commission and the collection of evidence

Katarina Sarmento said that Spain is joining the ICC mission in Ukraine and will send its experts to our country to help collect evidence of Russian crimes in Ukraine. Experts from the Judicial police and the National institute of forensic medicine will work directly at crime scenes in Russia: Bucha, Kharkiv, etc.

In addition, Spain allocated €75.000 to collect facts proving Russian crimes on the territory of Ukraine.

"With regard to the support of the International Criminal Court's investigations of war crimes committed in Ukraine, in particular the crime of aggression, Portugal has already provided additional support through the posting of a national expert from the Judicial police and the advance payment of the national contribution to the ICC," Catarina Sarmento.

We remind you that this week London hosted a summit of 40 states ready to assist Ukraine and the ICC.

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