Sports Education in Ukraine: Best Universities

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, January 4, 2022
Sports Education in Ukraine: Best Universities

Establishments that brought up country’s winners competitions of Europe and world

While someone decides to follow trends and make one’s life more sporty, for some, sport is what they say life is. In Ukraine, athletes are trained from an early age. For this purpose, there are modern gymnasiums on the base of almost every major city, in which 5-10 practices per week are held. But furthermore to special halls, there are numerous formations in Ukraine where one can get prepared for a sports profession. These include the following:

Government university of sports practice of Ukraine

The alma mater was set originally up in 1930 in the northeast of the country, in Kharkiv, but then was relocated to the capital of Ukraine. The alumni received more than 250 medals at the Olympian Games, nearly 550 medals at the Championship of the World, and 650 medals at the Championship of Europe. The most significant number of gold medals. At the Ukrainian government university of sports practice and sport, studied gymnast Podkopaieva Liliia, athlete Serhii Bubka, Oleh Blokhin, a football player and head coach of the Ukrainian country football team 2003-2007, 2011-2012.

Institute of physical practice and sport at the Dragomanov State Teacher-training College

In the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, since 1991, there has been an academic institution in contact with professional sports. First, it opened double specializations: Biology and sports practice, Geography, and sports practice. In 2007 the state college's Olympic and professional sports branch was founded. More than 500 athletes are currently studying in the department.

Lviv government university of sports education

Western Ukraine also prepares professional athletes, giving them diversified practices. The only sports-related college in Western Ukraine was opened in 1946. Over its lifetime, the university has graduated more than 400 trainers and educators who have raised winners of worldwide competitions. It trains students in Sport, Sports practices, Physical health fields. In 2021, the number of prize takers and champions of the Olympian Games, Championship of Europe, and Championship of the World amounts to more than 200. 

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