Production of Electric Military Quadrocycles in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, August 19, 2023
Production of Electric Military Quadrocycles in Ukraine

In Kyiv was developed and put into production a military electric quad bike "Crafter Himaks"

The developers of the transport report that it is one of the cheapest vehicles for the front that now exists. To assemble one Ukrainian quad requires about $11.000–13.000. Kyiv's concern produces Crafter Himaks with and without a roof. The design contains 2 LG batteries: primary and replaceable. The battery is quickly replaced and also removed in case of a complete breakdown of the transport.

"If something happens to an ATV, both batteries are removed in 15 seconds," said one of the vehicle developers.

Permanent production has already been established in the capital of Ukraine. 5 models of the Ukrainian ATV for the Ukrainian armed forces are already used on the front line. There now work more than 20 developers and engineers. However, the Kyiv production plans to expand and look for masters in welding and electrical. The plant can now produce up to 5 items per month. However, the developers want to increase the capacity and produce at least 100 quads monthly.

Ukrainian developers continue to actively help the army and prepare non-standard solutions to combat the aggressor, movement and life on the front. These developments are often cheaper than their foreign counterparts and more readily available to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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