Start of the Reconstruction of Irpin

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, April 27, 2023
Start of the Reconstruction of Irpin

Banksy's house will be demolished, and his creation will be strengthened with frames and moved to another place

Reputable international architects and philanthropists took part in planning the reconstruction of Irpin. Finally, the dismantling of the destroyed houses and the construction of a new town began.

The house on which Banksy drew a gymnast over a hole from a Russian projectile will also be demolished. However, the graffiti itself will first be strengthened with concrete blocks, protected with glass, and transferred to another place for public display. The exact location is still unknown. Irpin town council announced that

We remind you that in total, in the Kyiv region, Banksy created 7 works, 2 of which are in the capital, and 1 of the works was stolen to resell. Fortunately, the vandal was captured, and the graffiti was returned and protected from recurrence.

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