Start of the Ukrainian-Danish Exercises on the “F-16”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, June 28, 2023
Start of the Ukrainian-Danish Exercises on the “F-16”

On June 27, the MoD Denmark confirmed the start of training of Ukrainian pilots on fighter jets

Denmark is one of the countries of the Air coalition: the states helping the Air Forces of Ukraine to learn how to fly the coveted F-16s and possibly get them in the future.

On June 26, the acting minister of defence of Denmark, Lund Poulsen, announced that the 6-8-month-long exercises of Ukrainians in Denmark had started:

"(Denmark — ed.) has taken the step of starting a training and further education effort for the Ukrainian pilots," Lund Poulsen. The minister added that Denmark is considering donating some F-16s from its arsenal to Ukraine after they are replaced by F-35A.

The delivery of 27 fighters to Denmark from the United States was previously planned for 2027. However, Lockheed Martin managed to accelerate the deadline by 2 years. Now the F-16s will be in Denmark until 2024, and the F-35A in 2025.

"This does not mean that you cannot make a decision beforehand," Lund Poulsen regarding a possible transfer of fighter jets to Ukraine.

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