Start of World Banks Clients’ Investments to Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, May 15, 2023
Start of World Banks Clients’ Investments to Ukraine

From June, businessmen in construction/reconstruction areas will be able to participate in tenders project in Ukraine through "Prozorro"

Prozorro is a digital system of public tender public procurement. Recently, the World Bank gave Prozorro several technical tasks for improvement and recommended reconstruction companies cooperate with the Ukrainian platform. Of course, after it synchronises with the requests of major donor organisations. According to Prozorro general director Mykola Tkachenko, the company is working on optimising the platform by World Bank standards today and will be ready to launch this June.

What new can be expected from the modernised Prozorro? Standardisation of the procurement tradition of Prozorro to the level of WB, which "provides optional auctions, the possibility of submitting an offer in different currencies, its own appeal mechanism". All of this functionality is already being implemented and will be ready for release in June. After that, international investors, donors and WB partners will be able to cooperate with Ukraine through Prozorro.

The war became Prozorro's greatest challenge. In order to adapt to the new conditions, the company introduced several innovations, such as reducing the terms of procedures, publishing non-confidential data, developing new procurement methods (the first of which is the Prozorro Market), increasing the participation of non-members and investors in tenders through Prozorro. During the year, this share amounted to 20.000 tenders and 8.000 enterprises.

"This means that in our work, we must now be guided not only by domestic legislation but also take into account the interests of our international partners, that is, take into account their rules and conditions. This, accordingly, is even more work and innovations that must be implemented," Mykola Tkachenko.

Today, the system invites qualified IT representatives to participate in projects to improve Prozorro's technical solutions.

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