Started Receiving Profits From Another Ukrainian Startup

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, February 10, 2022
Started Receiving Profits From Another Ukrainian Startup

The startup, founded by the former head of the National bank of Ukraine, Hontareva Valeryia, became self-financing

The" rel="dofollow">startup of the Ukrainian politician was launched in 2018. It is called Medikit. The medical association provides online communication with the leading doctors of the country who work in the best private and state medical institutions of Ukraine.

This year, the number of clients increased to 100.000. This allowed the project to make a profit, not a loss.

Notably, Medikit works in the field of telecommunications. Nearly 300 doctors of all specialties are willing to provide care through Viber. It is noted that the portal handles a large number of profiles per day and serves about 500 clients per day.

One meeting with a doctor costs $8.94. The monthly subscription is $17, the annual subscription is $35.41.

"MediKit has 500 consultations a day. Name me a clinic in Ukraine that can show such results. And this is just the beginning," said Hontareva.

Now that the company is no longer operating at a loss, its management is considering expanding the customer base. There are plans to enter the international market. But MediKit's first goal is to provide quality service to about 100.000 patients a month.

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