Startup Alliance of Two States: “Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Startup Alliance of Two States: “Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge”

Ukrainians are trained to do business outside the country

The Ukrainian Startup Fund helps Ukrainian companies develop. The organization can provide mentoring and financial assistance. New projects are allowed to enter the national market and even the world arena on mutually advantageous periods. The foundation develops the state's economy and creates new jobs in the country. Also, every year the startup aid center begins cooperation with new countries. Ukraine has begun a partnership with Poland. Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge is already effective in the country. The project is implemented by the alliance fund and the ministry of foundations and regional policy and financed by the Polish aid program of the ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of Poland.

This cooperation aims to train Ukrainians to do business not only in their own country but also in Poland. Now, within the framework of the Ukrainian-Polish strategy, Ukrainian teachers and startups instruct the basics of constructing models of commercialization of business ideas. All the training concerns the entry of Ukrainians into the Polish market. The project also describes the possibilities of obtaining financing.

Already now, the partner country notes that Ukrainian specialists in different branches have everything necessary to reach Polish and other international markets. It is also noted that Ukraine’s potential can be realized not only as a donor to other countries. Ukrainian startups have every chance of becoming independent in the world.

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