Startup “Legal Nodes” attracted $120,000 from the “Techstars Gas” pedal.

Thursday, September 9, 2021
Startup “Legal Nodes” attracted $120,000 from the “Techstars Gas” pedal.

Ukrainian startup "Legal Nodes", which is working on an online legal platform, made it to "Techstars London" and attracted another $120,000 investment from the gas pedal. The company will receive the money in exchange for about 6% of the shares

In August 2021, Legal Nodes received $300,000 in pre-seed. Thus, the total investment in the startup has grown to $475,000.

The Legal Nodes product will offer alternative ways to provide legal services and adapt them to the new realities, the startup said. The team plans to achieve this by introducing fixed subscriptions to legal services that clients can manage through an online platform. It works with businesses, investors and clients around the world.

A total of 12 companies from around the world were selected for Techstars London. Legal Nodes is the only company from Ukraine in this batch. Techstars policy is to select 1% of all companies that apply.
"Given the niche nature of our product, a large number of regulatory challenges, and the need to build a strong network in the UK, getting into Techstars London was our number one goal," commented Legal Nodes.

The startup was founded by Margarita Sivakova, Nestor Dubnevich and Maksym Malyuk. In 2021 Legal Nodes has more than 60 companies-clients.

Last year, Legal Nodes received a $50,000 grant from the Ukrainian Startup Fund.

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