State Support for Agrarian

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Tuesday, December 28, 2021
State Support for Agrarian

The Ministry of agrarian policy presented the results of the development of state support in 2021 and plans for the distribution of funds in 2022

During 2021, Ukrainian agricultural producers received state support in the amount of ₴4.66 billion ($168.3 million), which is 100% of the budget. At the same time, the demand from farmers for funding in 2021 amounted to about ₴7 billion ($256.2 million)

"The request of farmers shows confidence in the programs and distribution mechanisms. This request is formed on the basis of early programs: infrastructure, animal husbandry, berry growing, hop growing, etc. The program of horticulture, viticulture and hop growing provides a significant number of jobs and the state and local budgets with high taxes. As a result of state support, 30.442 new jobs were created in 2021, of which ₴1.3 billion ($47 million) was paid,” said Minister of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko.

The Minister also stressed that in 2022 the Ministry of agrarian policy will present all developments in the distribution of funds for next year and transparently at the level of national discussion, with the committee and relevant associations will form collectively 2022 programs needed for small and medium producers in Ukraine.

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