“Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Regarding Iran’s Complicity in Russia’s Crimes Against Ukraine” 

On October 17, a rally was held under the Iranian embassy in Kyiv against Iranian complicity in Russian crimes              
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Today, the Iranian drones "Shahed-136" destroyed residential buildings in Kyiv, and people were killed under the rubble of these houses. Including a pregnant woman aged 34

Residents of Kyiv and citizens of Iran, now staying on the territory of Ukraine, went to protest under the Iranian embassy. The protesters brought items under the embassy that survived today’s attack. Once, these items (toys, dishes, bicycle helmet) were used by Ukrainians, who today, until 6 a. m. were alive. But they died under the rubble of their home because Iran continues to supply Russia with kamikaze drones. 

 In connection with Iran's apparent complicity in Russia's crimes, the Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine made an official statement: 
"The Russian Federation continues to carry out terrorist acts against the civilian population and critical infrastructure of Ukraine, using Iranian-made combat drones.
In the last week alone, the Russian Federation has struck more than a hundred Iranian kamikaze drones against residential buildings, power plants, sewage treatment plants, bridges and playgrounds in a number of Ukrainian cities. Dozens of people, including children, were killed and injured. A third of Ukraine's energy infrastructure was affected. The buildings of 2 diplomatic institutions in Kyiv were damaged.
Providing weapons to wage a war of aggression in Ukraine and kill Ukrainian citizens makes Iran complicit in the crime of aggression, war crimes and terrorist acts of Russia against Ukraine.
We call on Tehran to immediately stop supplying Russia with any weapons. Otherwise, Iran and its leadership will bear the most severe responsibility, including within the framework of international legal proceedings regarding Russia's crimes against Ukraine.
Minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba today also appealed to the ministers of foreign affairs of the member states of the European Union with a call to impose sanctions on Iran for helping Russia carry out terror against Ukrainians. Tough sanctions against Iran are gaining particular relevance amid reports of Iran's intentions to transfer surface-to-surface ballistic missiles to Russia for use in the war against Ukraine.
Ukraine will take all available measures to protect the civilian population, sovereignty and territorial integrity from external aggression within the framework of implementing the inalienable right to self-defense in accordance with the United Nations Charter."
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