Step on the Path of Human Rights Protection

Thursday, August 12, 2021
Step on the Path of Human Rights Protection

In the pre-trial detention center of Ukraine, allow the use of the telephone and the internet connection

This became known on August 11 through the internet portal of the government of Ukraine: “According to the deputy minister of justice of Ukraine Olena Vysotska, by the resolution of the cabinet of ministers of Ukraine it is proposed to introduce an experimental project in the pre-trial detention centers of the State Penitentiary Service, according to which the persons taken into custody will be provided with services for access to the global internet and telephone communication for an appropriate fee. by means of IP-telephony.”

The European Penitentiary Rules prescribe the need for prisoners to communicate with the outside world through the mail, internet, telephone, etc. Also, the Court of Justice of the European Union often focuses on respecting the prisoner's marital status and protecting his right to communicate with relatives and friends. The state is obliged to provide prisoners with opportunities to maintain their family ties.

“The Ministry of justice demonstrates openness and provides ample opportunities for communication for persons taken into custody. Since the pilot project will provide for the recording of telephone conversations, this will reduce the risk of possible telephone fraud in institutions,” said the deputy minister of justice.

Resolutions on authorizing the use of communications by persons taken into custody, Ukraine has made progress towards the legislative consolidation of the rights of prisoners.

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