Step to e-Residence

Wednesday, July 14, 2021
Step to e-Residence

On July 13, the government at the meeting passed in the first reading the bill № 5270 on e-resident. The document provides foreign IT specialists with e-resident status, to conduct business in Ukraine online

E-residency — is the status that allows foreigners or stateless persons over 18 years of age to obtain qualified electronic trust services, electronic services and to open bank accounts in Ukraine, according to the explanatory note to the draft law.

The authors of the bill believe that this concept is interesting primarily for representatives of the IT industry in developing countries and countries with unstable political situations.

“The government has already received 1,300 preliminary applications for e-resident status from various countries,” said the minister of digital transformation Mykhailo Fedorov in Telegram.

The e-resident entrepreneur must be registered in the e-resident system as a sole proprietor in the simplified tax system with the single tax rate set for the third group, which does not provide for the payment of value-added tax. Also, an e-resident entrepreneur may not use the labor of employees.

The authors of the initiative proposed that an e-resident could perform only 4 types of economic activities:

  1. publication of computer games and other software (58,21 NACE);
  2. computer programming (62,01 NACE);
  3. other activities in the sphere of information technologies and computer systems (62,09 NACE);
  4. data processing, placement of information on websites and related activities (63,11 NACE).

The single tax rate for e-entrepreneurs is 5% of the income received from these exclusive activities.

The tax address of an e-resident is proposed to be the location of the administrator of the e-resident system, which is State" rel="dofollow">Enterprise Diia.

Diia is a Ukrainian electronic service of public services, developed by the ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine. It is a mobile application with digital documents and a portal with public services.

The draft law proposes to establish special rules for reporting by e-residents through a personal e-room in the e-resident information system, where e-resident-entrepreneur must post all documents necessary for reporting in the original language and in Ukrainian in the order and within the deadlines established by the cabinet of ministers.

The draft law also proposes to provide for the procedure for settlements with e-residents exclusively in non-cash form.

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