Supporting Ukrainians in Times of War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, March 16, 2022
Supporting Ukrainians in Times of War

The government of Ukraine has adopted several laws that will help Ukrainians cope with the hard times

The main news in the second half of March was the extension of martial law for another 30 days. Russia’s attack has already changed life and business, and a protracted war further threatens the well-being of the people. Therefore, the government has adopted several laws that should help businessmen, mothers with children, the unemployed. Among the main innovations are:

  • During the martial law period for large businesses will be significantly expanded the opportunity to take advantage of the single tax option: the limit increased from 10 million to 10 billion; 
  • The tax for business will be 2% of turnover;
  • Companies of any group are exempt from restrictions on the number of workers;
  • From March 1 until the end of martial law, entrepreneurs of 1-3 groups do not pay a single contribution to the compulsory state social insurance;
  • The business of 2-3 groups can not pay the insurance fee for the mobilized workers;
  • Enterprises that do not earn an income may not pay contributions if they do not earn an income;
  • During the war and the 30 days after the war, the liability for late payment of consumer loans is removed.

The government of Ukraine has adopted 40 laws. These are only basic.

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