Surprise Visit of Boris Johnson to Kyiv

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, April 10, 2022
Surprise Visit of Boris Johnson to Kyiv

On April 9, the prime minister of Great Britain flew in for an unscheduled meeting with the president of Ukraine

The warm visit became known thanks to the Ukrainian embassy in Britain. The embassy tweeted a photo of Zelenskyy and Johnson with the caption "Surprise."

On April 8, in response to the Russian terrorist attack in Ukrainian Kramatorsk, Boris Johnson announced his intention to offer £100 million in arms assistance to Ukraine. The pool will include anti-tank/anti-aircraft missile systems and "kamikaze drones."

The British PM's office provided information that London and Kyiv "will discuss long-term British support for Ukraine, and the prime minister will announce a new financial and military assistance package."

Downing Street says that the reason for the meeting between Johnson and Zelenskyy is the desire of the representative of Great Britain to "a show of solidarity with the Ukrainian people."

During the rally, the British prime minister said that "Ukraine, contrary to all expectations, threw back Russian troops from Kyiv and accomplished the greatest military feat of the 21st century." Johnson also once again noted the uniqueness of the Ukrainian people: "Thanks to the confident leadership of president Zelenskyy and the irresistible heroism and courage of the Ukrainian people, Putin's monstrous plans are now being frustrated," Boris Johnson.

Andrii Sibiga, a spokesman for Zelenskyy's office, said the leaders' talks took place behind closed doors."

"Great Britain is the leader in defense support for Ukraine. The leader in the anti-war coalition. The leader in sanctions against the Russian aggress"r," Andrii Sibiga.

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