Switzerland Adopted Decision on Arms Supply to Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, May 15, 2023
Switzerland Adopted Decision on Arms Supply to Ukraine

2 chambers of the Swiss parliament and the National Council voted to amend the act on military equipment

This was reported by Euronews. Switzerland plans to make adjustments to the item on the re-export of weapons. Thus, the neutral country in previous years has come one step closer to armed support for Ukraine in confronting Russian military aggression. Recall that earlier, Bern reported that he could not provide military support. Since 1815, the country has pursued a policy of neutrality: it does not participate in any armed conflict and does not transfer its weapons to other countries. However, amending the weapons act would give other countries a "green light" to export weapons manufactured in Switzerland. With the introduction of the new law, Ukraine will be able to obtain Swiss weapons through third countries.

This historic decision was preceded by statements by the Bundesrat that it was impossible to provide Ukraine with military aid packages and the need to amend the laws on neutrality. Nevertheless, Switzerland has provided Ukraine with assistance that allows Ukraine to resist a passive war by the Russian Federation. Kyiv received 20 vehicles for the demining of the territories and other types of humanitarian aid.

We remind you that Rheinmetall refused to order shells from Switzerland since the state policy forbade their re-export to Ukraine. Instead, Rheinmetall decided to strengthen its production and even open one plant in Ukraine. Now Switzerland is making a huge positive step for Ukraine and the world in Europe.

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