Switzerland Allocates $14 Mln for Demining Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, June 22, 2023
Switzerland Allocates $14 Mln for Demining Ukraine

And $2 bln to support Ukraine until 2028

On June 22, Swiss president Ignazio Cassis announced during Ukraine Recovery that his state would take part in the humanitarian demining of Ukraine.

"The demining process is a key moment in the recovery of Ukraine. It is a prerequisite for people in other countries to return home (...) It is also important for agriculture and infrastructure restoration," Ignazio Cassis.

Until 2028, Switzerland has allocated $2 billion to help Ukraine, of which $15.045 million is to finance demining this year.

In 2014, Switzerland opened the Fondation Suisse de Déminage in Ukraine, which uses modern technologies (robots, drones) to clear mines. The state has identified several main areas of work in Ukraine, and one of them is the use of modern standards for the disposal of detonators in Ukraine.

"These standards are the foundation of trust between donors and ensure that demining occurs safely and properly," Cassis.

In 1997, Switzerland was engaged in the demining of Bosnia and Herzegovina, right now, it is working in Kharkiv. And today, the 26th International meeting of mine action national directors and UN advisers is taking place in Geneva, where they discuss the challenges and dangers that Russian anti-personnel mines have brought to Ukraine.

This year Zagreb will host the International donor conference on the humanitarian demining of Ukraine. In 2024 Kasis proposes to hold this conference in Ukraine.

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