Syrian Mercenaries Entered the Zaporizhia Region 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Syrian Mercenaries Entered the Zaporizhia Region 

And Ukrainians hung placards all over the city with the inscription in Syrian: "Syrians, we will cut you like dogs"

City of Melitopol, Zaporizhia region. The mayor of the city Ivan Fedorov reported about the location in the city of detachments of Syrian mercenaries who are fighting on the side of Russia.

More precisely, they do not fight but kidnap the local population, shoot houses, and rob shops. People are trying to hide, but they have no chance against the armed Syrians.

"Russian servicemen treat the local population differently. But we know they drink a lot of alcohol and behave quite indecently in the afternoon. That's why people try to hide from them. They seldom leave their apartments when they see a Russian soldier," said mayor Ivan Fedorov.

Syrian mercenaries do not speak Russian and do not understand Ukrainian. To overcome the language barrier and convey in detail to the occupiers what awaits them in a foreign (Ukrainian) land, leaflets were posted around the city with the message in Syrian: "Syrians, we will cut you like dogs."

And while mercenaries may be learning to read or aware of the inconsistency of their salaries with the losses they suffer in Ukraine, the Melitopol administration is asking Ukrainians to evacuate.

"It is dangerous to stay in the city of Melitopol today. First of all, the laws do not work there today. And there are disputes between the Russian special services, which are at war with each other, blow up, shoot, and it is quite dangerous," Ivan Fedorov.

Provocations, explosions, and killings of the occupiers continue. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already close.

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