Taiwan “Sends Love to Ukraine”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, July 3, 2023
Taiwan “Sends Love to Ukraine”

Taiwanese businessman and philanthropist raised millions of new Taiwan dollars to buy 100 cars for Ukraine

Taiwanese entrepreneur Pai Tsan-jung and the Presbyterian church in Changhua village's Shengang township launched a joint project Sending love to Ukraine. Together they raised funds for the purchase, repair and transfer of 100 fire engines, ambulances and pickup trucks to Ukraine. The first 348 ambulances will be sent to Ukraine on July 13. Each car has the inscriptions "Taiwan Stands with Ukraine" and "Glory to Ukraine", as well as hearts in the colours of the flags of Ukraine and Taiwan.

The rest of the cars are still under repair. The total cost of the entire project is millions of new Taiwan dollars, and in order to realise it, Pai Tsan-jung, on his own, enlisted the support of the National fire agency and other public and private organisations.

Mr Pai Tsan-jung hopes that his work "will allow the people of Ukraine to witness the most sincere humanitarian aid from Taiwan." And he succeeded: such noble deeds really warm our hearts.

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